How The Book Was Made

What you see in AstroNuts was collaged from really really old art and brand new drawings by Steven Weinberg. But what does that mean?


Art like the image above is actually a mixture of a TON of art from a lot of places. In AstroNuts we sourced almost all of the art from The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A few years back The Rijskmuseum decided they wanted to share their art with the world. Now nearly their entire collection is online as high quality scans anyone can use with ZERO copyright restrictions. It’s an amazing and very easy to use database. We have been thrilled to collaborate with them!

This engraving below is from their collection. Does anything in it look familiar? (Hint: look at the top of this page.)


When you look at the AstroNuts, you’re really looking at a bunch of engravings from a long time ago all chopped up, recolored, put together and drawn all over.

AlphaWolf comes from this print titled Natuurlijke geschiedenis by an unknown artist. (We added AlphaWolf for your AstroConvenience.)


Plant Planet resident Major Giant Venus Fly Trap was made from this print: Polyptoton de Flore (The Variance of Flowers) by Johann Theodor de Bry.


Even stuff like chalkboards were collaged from old art. This is one of Steven’s favorite pieces in the Rijksmuseum collection: The Vision of St. Eustace Albrecht Dürer


You can find all the art we collaged from the Rijksmuseum for book one here. (Pages for books two and three will come when we make them!)

If you want to make your own AstroNuts please check out the Make Your Own Art section. We have pdfs for download there so you can collage your own!

You can also see another version of this explanation made by Steven on the arts website Hyperallergic here.